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AGM provides excellence in engineering through expertise and experience.

We are the company a client will go to when they need the job done right.

At AGM our engineers are uniquely qualified and are hand picked as being some of the best practitioners in their field. Our highly skilled engineers have the technical understanding and design experience that only comes from decades of tenure within industry.

AGM is focused on delivering this excellent standard through retaining a small team which deliver high value add to both small and large projects.

The main activities of AGM are project evaluation, project execution (front end and detailed design), operational support and due diligence assurance reviews. Our many years of experience means we have systems and processes in place to ensure your project/business runs smoothly.


Founded in 1998 by Alex Marshall, AGM began as a consulting Process Engineering company serving clients in the oil refining sector. In the two decades since its inception, the company’s focus has shifted to providing a wide array of multi-disciplinary engineering solutions to the oil refining, coal seam gas, upstream oil and gas production, transmission pipeline, petrochemical and water treatment industries.

AGM has formed many long-term relationships with clients, which continue to deliver commercial success. The technical and business experience gained since the company’s formation makes AGM an ideal partner to ensure the long-term success of any operation or project.

We are a growing and profitable company, responsive to client needs, committed to excellence and poised to capture new and interesting opportunities.

What does AGM Deliver?

Delivers business value to clients where external and internal resources cannot

Why is AGM Different to Others?

Different Business Model – Small, Experienced Team with Operating Business knowledge which is agile to adapt while focusing on best business outcome for clients.

When to use AGM?

Ensure alignment of client requirements and AGM capabilities and availability.

If aligned, identify opportunity and develop model to engage and succeed.

AGM Engineering Solutions

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