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AGM is committed to the health, safety and welfare of employees and all others who operate under our control.

The creation and maintenance of a healthy and safe working environment through strict compliance with legislative requirements, codes of practice, relevant standards and adherence to accepted industry practices are an integral part of management objectives.

AGM Process Engineering expects all persons at workplaces under our control to cooperate in achieving and maintaining a high level of occupational health and safety performance through...


  • A commitment to achieving zero LTI’s

  • Developing and reviewing continuous improvement strategies in line with best practice principles

  • Creating and maintaining a safe, healthy and productive workplace by ensuring strict adherence to all legislative requirements

  • Ensuring all contractors engaged are able to demonstrate satisfactory OHS&R management capability.

The management of AGM are held accountable for meeting all statutory requirements relating to Workplace Health and Safety legislation.

AGM is committed to the continued compliance with relevant environmental standards for the engineering and manufacturing industry. Management is actively involved in ensuring that company personnel, sub-contractors and suppliers are aware of all relevant standards, legislation and codes of practice.


Health, Safety & Environment

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