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Alex Marshall

Experience 32 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)


Alex is the principal engineer and founder of AGM Pty Ltd.

An industry expert for all aspects of Oil and Gas, Alex cemented his presence in refining in the late 90's launching his specialised chemical enigeering firm of consultants to service all areas of oil and gas. Now with over twenty years of high level refinery design experience and a large footprint of turnkey solutions for the CSG market, Alex Marshall is a regarded as a leader within the Oil & Gas sector.

The first point of call for Australian Oil & Gas Majors, he & his teams reputation precedes them for consistently delivering right first time, safe & compliant solutions to brown field studies for upgrades and revamps within refining and the CSG market.

Over the past 30 years Alex has firmly established himself as an innovative leader in the Oil & Gas sector and is known as the engineer businesses seek out to make sense of an odd ball problem; a retro fit with new and old equipment; or a opportunity within Oil & Gas that requires ingenious forward thinking design.

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Allan Gunn

Experience 40 +years

Operations Specialist

With over three decades of operations experience in the Oil and Gas industry and another ten years in the power sector Allan's understanding of production operations processes, systems and practises is unparalleled. Starting his career as an electrical fitter/mechanic in the power generation industry, Allan learnt first-hand the importance of safety and right first time within the workplace. 

With ten years of on-the-job electrical experience, Allan made the transition to the Oil & Gas industry, where his inclusive, collaborative approach, technical knowledge of plant operation, strong commitment to HSE performance and highly engaging personality saw him step up into team leader roles, followed by superintendent to lead, train, and mentor large production crews.

An industry expert Allan now works as AGM's Operations Specialist. In this role Allan is passionate about assisting clients to achieve optimal safety and production performance via the delivery of detailed Operator Training, Simulation packages and procedures. 

Highly respected for his contributions to the Oil & Gas sector, Allan is a wonderful asset to the AGM team.


Matt Sharland

Experience 19 +years

BEng Mech

Respected by his peers for his extensive knowledge of pumps, Matthew is highly experienced in pumping technology between industries.

Beginning his career in the domestic water treatment sector he gained significant design experience and a very solid technical understanding of water processing industry. His strong water background enabled his transition over to the CSG market where he spent the next decade of his career working as a project engineer in detailed design.

A highly accomplished mechanical engineer, Matthew moved into a Project Engineering role and has worked across both refining and CSG for the Oil & Gas Majors for the past 7 years.

Matthew's attention to detail, methodical/meticulous approach, solid project management skills & drive for right first time on any work he delivers makes him an invaluable member of any project.

Matthew prides himself on being a project engineer that clearly understands where the vendor comes from hence is highly proficient in being able to liaise effectively between client and vendor.

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Alexis Abbott

Experience 21 +years

BEng Chem

A highly accomplished process engineer, Alexis has spent the the better part of two decades within the Oil & Gas Industry. 

A concept design expert, his vast experience gained working within the Oil & Gas Majors and CSG market enables him to provide the perfect balance between business needs and project outcomes.

Throughout his working life he has had significant operations experience and is highly capable in roles from Technical lead, to operations engineering to Senior Process Engineering.

With 9 years in Refining and another 11 in CSG Alexis process knowledge of unit operations and equipment is exemplary and makes him a great asset to any team.


Michael Porter

Experience 19 +years

BEng Elec (Hons)


With a proven track record in successfully managing complex engineering projects in the upstream development facilities sector, Michael brings a wealth of experience and expertise in instrument/electrical engineering. A leader in his field, he is highly regarded for his ability to lead cross-functional teams, manage vendor relationships, and ensure project deliverables are met within budget and schedule. Michael is passionate about driving innovation and continuous improvement in the engineering field, and committed to delivering high-quality results that exceed client expectations.


Robyn Otto

Experience 17 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

Robyn is a wonderful asset to the AGM team. Over the past 15 years Robyn has spent the first half of her career in Refining and the second in CSG, Conventional Oil & Gas and Pipeline operations. Throughout that time she has worked in a variety of roles from process design to safety engineering gaining significant industry experience with the Oil & Gas Majors. This has given her the technical ability to work as a highly regarded Safety engineer and over her career she has gained significant experience in Alarm Rationalisation and Relief Revalidation within Refining.

Robyn is highly organised, productive and structured engineer and her systematic approach to right first time shows in the exemplary work she has delivered to the Oil & Gas sector.

A milestone in her career was her role as Lead Process Engineer for the Field Delivery Engineering Team, that delivered the design of wellsite facilities and gathering networks for over 400 CSG wells per year.

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Rasmus Haaima

Experience 5 +years

BEng Chem (Hons) MEng


Rasmus has been a great asset to AGM, as his attention to detail, technical understanding and willingness to listen and learn is highly regarded by his peers. Since graduating from university, Rasmus has spent the past three year working closely his AGM mentors and Senior Engineers at VIVA to deliver front end engineering, turnaround planning and execution support. The ease at which he has integrated into the client has gained him the upmost respect and his stand out work ethic and inclusive approach makes him a valuable addition to any team.


Rudich Tonsing


BEng Elect (Hons)

One of our newest Undergraduate Engineers, Rudich has had good industry experience working with Solidworks to design form tools for machining and create Production Engineering drawings. In addition, he has a good understanding of quality control & standards with the work he has done with fitting bespoke headplates to specialty racing cores and ensuring that all components met the highest of Australian standards. He has a great work ethic and is great at working across the sectors previously working as a Trade Assistant to a Boilermaker. 

With his strong work ethic, determination, and enthusiasm for learning, Rudich aspires to become a successful electrical engineer and make a positive impact on the world through his work.

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Peter Hatchman

Experience 30 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

With over two decades of refining experience and another 5 years in CSG Dan is recognised as an expert in Oil and Gas design. His specialized knowledge of detailed design for unit operations and equipment far surpasses that of industry standard, having worked on some of the largest revamps and upgrades within Australia’s Oil & Gas Majors. It is this intimate knowledge that makes Dan invaluable to a design team.  He is known amongst his peers as the colleague you can ask any question related to process design and he will provide the answer. Dan is an amazing asset to the AGM team and as a business we are very privileged to have had such an authority on Oil & Gas within our organization.

A milestone of Dan's career has been his involvement with the QCFP project, where they doubled the footprint of the existing refinery.

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Tony Fitzgerald

Experience 40 +years

BEng Mech

Tony's involvement in the successful delivery of a number of key projects for Clients has made use of a knowledge and skills base acquired from over 30 years of experience in the Energy and Resources sector. These skills assist in meeting company objectives in terms of financial, cost forecasting administrative, communications, approvals performance and scheduling. His key focus as a project engineer/ engineering manager is to effectively utilise work methods that will assist the overall project team, throughout all phases of the project, to deliver in terms of operating plant reliability, availability, efficiency, safety and statutory compliance.

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Luke Jordan

Experience 22 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

Over the past 20 years, Luke has held a diverse array of roles across the conventional oil & gas production, petrochemical, oil refining and coal seam gas industries.  These roles have spanned the full investment value chain ranging from the delivery of development blueprints for vast tracts of new CSG acreage, to delivering oil refinery revamp projects, to optimising the day-to-day performance of petrochemical plant and offshore oil-rig operations.  Luke has spent the last decade in the CSG Industry in a variety of leadership roles that have supported the successful delivery of the APLNG Phase 1 mega projects and the delivery of additional strategic infrastructure critical to optimising the full lifecycle development of APLNG fields.  Luke has proven strengths in deriving maximum value from investments by ensuring that designs and their delivery are fit-for-purpose, as demonstrated by leading Origin Energy’s Million Dollar Well initiative to successfully deliver a 50% reduction in the capital costs to drill, complete and connect standard, unfracked vertical Surat CSG wells.  

Luke’s current engagements include leading the concept design for a proposed ~$0.5b new full field CSG development and managing a $0.5b value improvement program on behalf of clients.

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Daniel Burt

Experience 20 +years

BEng Mech (Hons)

Recognised as an industry expert in Pipelines, Dan has two decades acquired extensive experience in both the CSG and Refining sector.

Throughout his career he has worked on some of the largest revamps, upgrades within the Oil & Gas Majors and has built an impressive reputation as the professional you want on the job when it comes to your Piping and Pipeline projects.

A highly accomplished Mechanical Engineer he has worked in roles ranging from Design, Project Engineering, Procurement, Construction, to Quality Assurance sign off on major projects.

A highlight in Dan's working career has been his involvement with Origin's APLNG Pipeline's Project where he held many roles across the delivery of the project; construction readiness; construction; completions; 

commissioning; and finally the procurement, construction, and quality lead for a quality defect rectification project for the pipeline.

In addition to being a chartered member of both IMechE and Engineers Australia, Dan is also a certified welding inspector.


Michael Heath

Experience 20 +years

BEng Elec

Michael is a highly skilled and results-driven Senior Electrical Project Engineer with a wealth of experience in managing and delivering a wide range of project scopes within the Gas Compression, Gas Processing, and Power Generation sectors. With a comprehensive understanding of electrical and controls engineering, he excels in all facets of project management, from procurement and planning to documentation and commissioning.


His impressive track record includes leading initiatives in Microgrid, Battery Energy Storage Systems, and Grid Automation, showcasing his expertise in power systems analysis, factory acceptance testing, site acceptance testing, and on-site installation supervision.

Michael is known for his ability to drive successful project execution strategies and enhance operational processes, making him a valuable asset in any project team. His commitment to delivering high-quality results and his proficiency in navigating complex engineering challenges make him a standout professional in his field.

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Demo Bessios

Experience 16 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

Demo is a valued member of the AGM team as his enthusiasm for everything he puts his hand to coupled with his extensive process knowledge makes him a great team player and positive addition to any project. Working predominantly in refining throughout his career he has a strong background in both safety engineering and front-end detailed engineering design and a great aptitude for feasibility studies at the conceptual stage.

A highlight for Demo in the working career was his involvement in the Process Safety Team accountable for Project Relief Revalidation Studies for the Crude Distillation, Vacuum Distillation and Hydrocracker Units at Oil & Gas major BP.

On a professional level  becoming recently charted has been a great milestone.

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Daniel Hatchman

Experience 6 +years

BEng Chem (Hons) 


An accomplished chemical engineer Daniel's most recent project saw him collaborate with the team at Viva developing operating procedures for the new HF Acid Sampling, prior to this he was responsible for developing the commissioning procedures for the trial equipment at Condabri and Combabula for Origin Energy and also the Commissioning Dossiers of their Water treatment facility.


James Masasso


BEng (Hons)

As a first-year undergraduate engineer, James is enthusiastic about diving into the exciting world of engineering and embracing the challenges and opportunities that come with it. His passion for problem-solving and innovation has driven him to pursue a career in this field, and he is eager to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to make a positive impact in the industry. During his time as an undergraduate, James is dedicated to immersing himself in all aspects of engineering, from theoretical concepts to hands-on practical application. He is committed to learning from experienced professionals & engaging in research projects, With a strong foundation in math and science, a thirst for knowledge, and a drive to make a difference, 


Don Borchert

Experience 48 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

Recognised as an industry leader in process design Don's illustrious career has spanned over forty years both nationally and abroad. 

Known within industry as the engineer you need to get the job done right, Don is revered for his high level refining experience holding roles as a  detailed design engineer, engineering manager, principal engineer and Hazop/Lopa Chair.

Throughout his tenure Don has worked and coordinated some of Australia largest turnarounds, upgrades and revamps within the Oil & Gas Majors and has contributed largely to their operational success today.

Respected by his peers, Don is an invaluable addition to the AGM team.


Dale Moorhouse

Experience 26 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

With over two decades in the Oil & Gas sector Dale has gained extensive experience in process design, process safety, operations, optimisation, technical support and troubleshooting. His inclusive, collaborative approach is highly regarded as is his detailed oil and gas process knowledge which consistently sees him develop and deliver practical, cost-effective solutions to the industry. A milestone in his working career has been his elevation to HAZOP and LOPA leader working to ensure new designs and modifications are both safe and operable. 


Gemma Cullen

Experience 25 +years

Business Manager

With over two decades working within the business sector of Oil & Gas, Gemma has a great understanding of the industry and the corporate requirements of a high functioning engineering business.

Gemma's role covers a broad scope, including contract administration, report preparation, company administrative processes and all of the financial processing related to the day-to-day running of a multimillion dollar organisation. In her time at AGM she has made significant in roads to optimise and streamline in-house processes to ensure smooth and efficient office operations to assist with on time delivery of client projects.

Responsible for all areas of the administration side of the AGM business Gemma is the first point of call with clients, staff, and suppliers.​


Jonathan Laver

Experience 19 +years

BEng Elec

A industry expert in instrumentation, Jonathan’s extensive Oil & Gas experience as an Instrument and Electrical lead makes him an invaluable addition to the AGM team.  With an illustrious career that has spanned the Power, LNG and Refining sectors, Jonathan is known for his exceptional technical knowledge of Oil & Gas electrical systems and this coupled with his meticulous, attention to detail approach makes him a highly sort after professional within industry.

With nearly two decades of  Electrical and Instrumentation 

experience & systems design, Jonathan is a highly respected project manager for project delivery within the industry.

sam head_edited_edited_edited_edited_edited.png

Sam Litster

Experience 18 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

Sam's aptitude for conceptual design shows a level of understanding of the Oil & Gas industry far beyond his years. His ability to align project outcomes with business needs is highly regarded as he understands and values the importance of his role as an interface through a project to ensure it is delivered.

With six years in CSG and another ten in refining Sam has gained significant process experience within Australia's Oil & Gas majors with roles ranging from Operations engineer on client secondment to Lead Process Engineer on large and small scale projects.

A highlight of his career is his involvement with the $50M Wandoan Interconnect project covering the full life of the project from pre-concept technical assessment and development, conceptual design, FEED and detailed design assurance, construction support, and operations procedure development.


Andre Bec

Experience 11 +years

BEng Chem (Hons)

A highly regarded engineer, Andre has an excellent work ethos as he is a self starter, an engineer that will listen & learn and has a technical skill fair beyond his years in industry.

Working over the past decade in process safety, design and operational support roles for the Oil & Gas Majors, Andre has established himself as a very thorough, knowledgeable engineer who's attention to detail, gets the job done efficiently and right first time.

A highlight within Andre's career was his role as Project/Commissioning Engineer for the Reedy Creek and Condabri Water Treatment Facility Project where he was involved from phase 1 design through to the commissioning stage of the project.


Emily Trout

Experience 2 +years

BEng Chem


Emily is a driven and motivated fourth-year undergraduate student majoring in Chemical Engineering whilst also working for AGM for the past two years. Emily's passion for the  chemical engineering was ignited during her early years of education, and her determination led her to seek practical experience outside of the classroom. During her time with AGM, Emily has applied her knowledge and skills to real-world projects, gaining invaluable experience in the industry. Her role allowed her to work on diverse and challenging assignments, furthering her understanding of chemical engineering in a professional setting. With her strong foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical experience, Emily is well-positioned to make a meaningful impact in the field of chemical engineering.

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